This week we're pleased to have as our guest speaker: Martin Johnson.

"Most criminals are not considering the odds of getting caught — they live in the moment," he said. "Think about it: A fraudulent document only has to be good enough to be accepted and get the job done — nothing more."

Martin Johnson retired from the Howard County, Maryland Police Department in 2009, serving as a detective for 17 of his 25 years. He has been engaged in the intensive study of identity documents for 18 years, and is an identity document analyst and investigation advisor for police departments.  He is a member of the U.S. Attorney's Office Identity Theft Working Group in Baltimore and an intelligence partner with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Forensic Document Laboratory.

Martin is a DHS-certified instructor and an educational program developer for the Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education, a teaching arm of DHS.  He teaches the detection and investigation of fraudulent identity documents and counterfeit money to law enforcement officers, retail industry representatives, and other government agents.  He has examined thousands of identity documents involved in criminal cases and has personally investigated hundreds of other cases involving counterfeit identification. He has arrested many ID counterfeiters and shut down their manufacturing operations.

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