Meet our speaker this week is from BONSTINGL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, Jay Jay Bonstingl.

Bonstingl is a full-service international consulting firm specializing in Baldrige-based Quality solutions for world-class leaders and their organizations.

Their clients are recognized leaders in business, healthcare, education, government, and associations who celebrate their strengths as they work toward greater quality and success. They help them to prosper at every level, both professionally and personally.

Through their confidential executive coaching and consultation, seminars, workshops, and motivational and informational keynote talks, clients reap the benefits of our thoroughly research-based expertise so they are better able to grow the relationships, environments and processes most conducive to high performance and prosperity.

Jay Bonstingl, a Pittsburgh native, moved to Columbia in 1974 to take a teaching position with the Howard County Public School System.  Jay left the classroom in 1986 to open his own private practice as a consultant, author, and public speaker specializing in education and business improvement through Quality principles and practices.  Jay's national program in youth leadership development, called Leaders for the Future, makes it possible for kids across America to identify their own innate leadership strengths and build upon them through service to others.  By teaching kids the essential, practical tools of peace-building, Jay and his team have reduced the prevalence of bullying and antisocial behavior in schools, families, and communities, as those kids learn the skill sets that also will make them ready for success in the highly competitive 21st century world of business.  Jay is the author of 3 books, including an international best seller titled Schools of Quality, with more than a quarter-million copies in print in several languages.

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