9035069256?profile=RESIZE_400xA Rotary Club of Columbia-Patuxent donation drive for COVID-19 relief in India has earned Baltimore TV coverage plus more dollars for oxygen generators. The “breath of life” campaign was launched by club members two weeks ago to answer medical needs in the pandemic hotspot.  

The club initially raised nearly $10,000 for the generators – devices that produce medical grade oxygen from ambient air and cost $550 each. That amount was matched by SEWA International, an India-based charity supporting humanitarian causes.

The campaign story was featured June 3 on WMAR-TV2 News in Baltimore. The club’s International Service chairman, Larry Newman, gave details in an interview with reporter Abby Issacs. Within an hour of the broadcast, RCCP received another $600 in donations attributed to viewers. 

RCCP’s fund-raising has purchased approximately 45 oxygen generators thus far, while SEWA International aims to provide a total of more than 1,500.  Disaster Aid USA – a Rotary-sponsored organization for emergency relief worldwide – has met its donation goal of $250,000 for this purpose. 

Oxygenator distribution will be based on demonstrated need in all areas of India. That country’s more than 3,000 Rotary clubs will assist in placing the devices.

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